Don't Make The Same Mistake That Forces Most New Online Boutiques To Shut Down In Less Than SIX MONTHS!

(HINT: It's Not Because They Only Post Once A Week on Social Media...)


Most struggling online boutique owners spend money on stuff nobody wants to buy—and then wonder why they’re not making any sales.

But that will NOT be you.


What Is the Challenge?

It's called the Full Cart Challenge™.

And it's a 5-part online workshop that breaks down the key steps to buying inventory for your online boutique.

Because if you don't stock what people will actually pay for, then you won't make any money.

(And a business that doesn't make money is not a business at all.)

It's literally the most important skill you'll need to be a successful boutique owner. I need to already have a business to sign up for the Full Cart Challenge™ ?

Nope. Not at all.

In fact, this is the stuff you should know BEFORE you launch. 

The reason why boutique owners are struggling is because they get so excited to launch that they completely miss what it takes to stay in business.

So if you don't have an online boutique're in the perfect place to learn. 

And you'll be doing the work to make sure you can last for YEARS to come —instead of sputtering out in just a few months time.

(But... if you're already an online boutique owner and you're overwhelmed, frustrated and confused about how to grow your business, then this is the perfect way to hit reset and start moving in the right direction.)

Who Is This Challenge For?

➡️ You hate your 9-5 and want to transition to doing something you love everyday.

➡️ You’re a stay at home mom and want to make an income for yourself that allows you to work from home.

➡️ You’ve always dreamed of having an online boutique and want to get started the right way.

➡️ You want to add an income stream to your household.

➡️ You want to finally do something for YOURSELF and build a business you’re proud of.

➡️ You're ready to be your own boss!

Then the Full Cart Challenge™ is designed for YOU.



Sign up and get ready to transform how you approach your online boutique. And get real solutions to one of the biggest reasons why new online boutique owners struggle.


The content is released across 5 days. Show up daily to access the resources, and complete the assignments along the way.


Cut through the confusion about the inventory buying process and learn exactly how to apply real strategy to your new business.


Make decisions without second guessing and start making real progress with your online boutique. 


Finally have the CONFIDENCE to launch your online boutique and not be scared that nothing will sell!

Get shoppers to buy more (and more often)—and have an online boutique that's around for years to come. Show up for yourself and sign up for this exclusive live training!

What Women Are Saying About The Full Cart Challenge™:

Learn What The Big Brands Have Been Using For Decades!

In this 5-Part Workshop, you’ll learn one of the biggest secrets that massive brands like VICI, Fashion Nova, Intermix, and more use to turn browsers into buyers over and over (and over) again!



What will you learn during the challenge?

Day 1: Who You're Buying For

On day 1, you’ll learn who the single most important person is to your business (Hint: it’s NOT you.)

  • What million-dollar fashion brands all have in common (it has nothing to do with how much money they started with)
  • Why competition is actually a GOOD thing (and what that means for your online boutique)

Day 2: Buy Right & They'll Buy MORE

On day 2, we’ll focus on the difference between an expensive hobby and a real business.

  • Inventory buying secrets that will make your boutique stand out in your customer's mind
  • The one metric that shows whether you made the right buying decisions (or if you’ll be on the struggle bus)

Day 3: Sourcing for Success

On day 3, we’ll cover what you need to buy inventory (before you get rejected by a wholesale vendor).

  • The smartest way to purchase inventory so that you save time and money.
  • How to find amazing vendors on your own without a vendor list or even leaving your couch.
  • Shopping for inventory overseas (and not getting scammed).

Day 4: Pricing for Profit

On day 4, we’ll see retail math in action (even if you’re not a numbers person, it will be super simple).

  • Setting revenue goals that actually make sense (and dollars)
  • Discovering your ‘sweet spot’ price point and why it’s important  

Day 5 Mindset Mastery

On day 5, we’ll talk about what it means to ‘think like a boutique owner’ and how that changes everything about your business.

  • Breaking through what’s blocking you (and a simple exercise to fast track your progress)
  • Why guidance is key to your growth— (and the secret to growing a 6-figure online boutique)   

Learn from the Best

Jenelle, Founder of Start Your Boutique

This training gives you a look behind the curtain at one of the most important factors in the success of your online boutique: your inventory.

Because if you don’t get that right, you can barely give that stuff away—let alone make a profit.

This workshop will help you build a roadmap with confidence and clarity—so you don’t waste time, energy, or money on products that customers won’t purchase.

Jenelle will be sharing directly from her experience as a women’s fashion buyer for a Fortune 500 fashion retailer and the last decade in eCommerce—as both a brand owner and a premier online boutique business coach.

Get ready for endless 'light bulb' moments that will simplify the inventory buying process in this game-changing workshop!



$347 $97

  • Five [5] Retail Buying Training Class Recordings
  • Five [5} Fillable PDF Workbooks
  • Challenge Homework & Reflections (so that you make progress & feel ready to place your orders)
  • Finding Vendors Deep Dive (locally and overseas)
  • How to Turn Any Product Into Profit (pricing strategy walkthrough lesson)
  • 30 DAYS OF ACCESS so you can instantly and confidently implement everything you learn and have time to review lessons if you need to

PLUS these great bonuses: 

🎁 The Making Sense of Sales Tax Guide (so you're doing things LEGALLY in your business)

🎁 The Start Your Boutique Inventory Guide (so you know how much of each piece to buy)

🎁 The Start Your Boutique EXPANDED Buying Glossary (to easily communicate with vendors as a professional)

🎁 The Start Your Boutique Pricing Calculator (just "plug-and-play" your numbers and automatically get the best price for your goals)

I want you to be HAPPY with your purchase!

If you have any questions or concerns after you purchase, please email and we will work with you to make sure you can get the most out of your new Full Cart Challenge training resources!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this challenge for?

Aspiring online boutique owners who are ready to learn exactly what it takes to confidently purchase inventory for their online boutiques.

Existing boutique owners who are struggling with their inventory and want to turn their business around.

How much is the training?

You can access the complete training for just $97. That includes the recordings of the five workshop sessions, the fillable PDF workbooks for each session, homework assignments, and bonuses like the Pricing Calculator, expanded inventory buying glossary, and more!

How does the Challenge work?

You get access to one day of content and a homework assignment that you have to submit BEFORE access to the next day is granted.

You'll have 30-DAYS OF ACCESS to the workshop content if you want to review any of the concepts.

Do I need to be from the U.S.A?

No, the principles shared in this 5-session training workshop will work for you wherever you are. You'll just have to use the information to find vendors in your area.

Finally have the confidence to launch your online boutique and not be scared that nothing will sell!